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Coeliac Awareness Week 2017

27 March 2017

Coeliac Awareness Week 2017 is almost here and will be from the 15th to the 21st of May. The main focus is to encourage people in our communities, the food industry, medical professionals and educators to 'Consider Coeliac Disease'. It is currently estimated that 60,000 to 70,000 New Zealanders have coeliac disease (1 in 70), however up to 80% of those are unaware they have the condition. This is largely because the symptoms can vary considerably between individuals, making it difficult to discern if coeliac disease is the cause. 

To reduce the possibility of long term damage or the development of other conditions we encourage those who suspect they may have coeliac disease to get tested. A simple blood test prescribed by your doctor can help decide if you have it. If you do have coeliac disease, then a strict gluten free diet is recommended to allow your small intestine to heal.

During this week, we want to encourage our members to help spread this message and to fundraise for our organisation. There are many ways you can get involved. To find out more, visit our Get Involved section. 

We will have a full media campaign during the week. Be sure to check our the CNZ Facebook page for offers, competitions and daily updates, your local newspaper for regional stories and our CAW Calendar for activities happening in your area. 

Check out the Coeliac Awareness Week page for further information, the calendar of events and activities happening during the week and download the 2017 CAW Poster to put up around your community. 

Remember, this is a team effort and everyone can do their bit to raise awareness all over NZ!!! 

If you are running an activity which is not listed on the calendar, want to get involved or would like us to send you a 10 pack of A4 posters please Contact Us today.